Will iPhone Users Forget About Spotify?


Watch out, Spotify: Apple is coming for you. In its ever-lasting quest to edge out all suppliers of external pleasures on iPhones and iPads, Apple is reportedly set to enter the music streaming market.

The writing seemed on the wall that something was happening when Apple purchased the music streaming service Beats (co-founded by Dr. Dre) for $3 billion earlier this year. It was the biggest acquisition in the company’s history, so insiders knew it wouldn’t be done without high hopes. We now know Apple’s intentions.

Worldwide Music Streaming

Worldwide, over 800 million users have purchased an iPhone or iPad with iOS installed. Of those users, over 200 million users regularly use iTunes for their music needs. Yet, it’s lagging behind competitors in one fast-growing field: on-demand music streaming. The iTunes alternative, iTunes radio, only offers a passive, radio-like experience that has not come close to reaching expectations.

Not surprisingly, users are heading to on-demand streaming services for their online music needs. Chief among them is Spotify, the streaming software that offers both ad-supported free listening and premium, subscription-based music. If recent reports are to be trusted, that’s the market – and the competitor – that Apple is looking to attack.

Mounting the Attack

Just how that will happen is unsure as of yet. A new iOS update will make Beats Music a permanent, un-removable feature on your iPhone’s home screen, but the details of the music streaming options are not yet known.

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Justin Finkelstein

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