Why You Need to Share Your Know-How with Your Customers

Samsung_Note_4Want to attract more customers? Then be proactive about advertising by starting a blog or newsletter.

But what to write about? Customers are always looking for ways to enhance their use of a product. That’s why product tips and best use practices are always welcome.

An example? How to take care of your smartphone — this seems to be an area of great concern for people. If you can offer advice on how to best care for a smartphone, you’ll earn the trust and continued business of your clients.


So How Do You Care for a Smartphone?

You might want to offer your clients the following words of advice:

A smartphone is an investment. Not only is it expensive, it holds all your data. So you’ll want to take care of it to ensure you don’t lose money and vital information.

Storage is important. Keep your phone somewhere that is out of the way, and make sure it isn’t in a place where it could be knocked on the floor or walked on.

Don’t keep your phone stored in a purse or other enclosed space unless it is turned off. Did you know that charging a phone in a closed container is a potential fire hazard? It is.

And speaking of fire hazards, make sure to always use genuine chargers and accessories. If you use a cheap charger, or one that isn’t compatible with your brand of phone, it can harm its lifespan.


Don’t Let the Dust Settle

Along with making sure your phone is in a safe place, you’ll also want to make sure it remains clean. Use dry tissue paper or alcohol wipes to clean the phone’s exterior surfaces.

And what about protective cases? Well, that’s somewhat of a complicated matter.

For one: beware of protective covers. We get dozens of phones each month that have or have had a protective case on them. And, strangely enough, this has damaged the device. Why? Because dust gets into the case and rubs against the device. the dust scratches and damages the device and has no way of getting out.

The solution? Take off your case every week and clean both the device and the case to remove any dust or residue.  I would recommend also using 90% or higher alcohol instead of water or cleaner. Alcohol evaporates much faster thus the chances of damaging the device are greatly reduced.

Another tip: Spraying alcohol on an old, clean toothbrush is a great way to clean the ports and speakers.


Knowledge Is a Beautiful Thing

Sharing this knowledge with your clients will not only help them bring in trade-ins that are acceptable, but will also make them happier clients.

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