What Are Your Device Repair Store’s Immaterial Assets?


If you have a small cellphone repair business, then you probably know a lot about your material assets. You understand the value of your equipment, the space you are renting, and, of course, your employees. You know, in other words, that it is vital to invest in material assets.

An Immaterial World

However, it is important to remember that you have immaterial assets as well. Your presence online is an asset, and so is the material that you create on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. A great piece of small business advice is to start treating everything you produce online like an asset. Think carefully before you post anything sub-optimal online. The goodwill that you can build for your brand is invaluable.

Your Social Media Presence Is Important

According to the book The Twitter Effect, it’s important to realize that “every piece of content you produce on the web is an asset. Each status update, blog post, comment and video are part of a whole which defines you as a person on the web. A tweet might only be 140 characters, but 100 tweets together can be enough content to fill a small book.” In other words, all the content that you create online can be re-purposed for another medium.

Additionally, it also represents your brand, and what your company stands for. It is difficult to change people’s first impression about your company, so if you are viewed as a small business that is okay with grammar mistakes or content of dubious quality, then it will be hard to shake that image.

Take social media seriously and watch your profits soar. And if you’re wanting to take your social media presence to the next level, contact us. Our services can win you hundreds of new customers.


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Matthew Roldan

Matthew is the Co-Founder & Chief Customer Officer at Sourcely. He has owned and operated several small businesses and has helped 1000's of SMB's find success online while working as a consultant for GoDaddy.com.