Want to Go Green? Then Think Recommerce


The old adage “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure” sums up nicely how recommerce works. Why? Because the basic underlying principle of recommerce is that when consumer electronics such as smartphones, tablets, digital cameras, laptops, etc., lose their value in the eyes of the original owner due to the emergence of an upgrade or new trend, it is very likely someone out there is still willing to pay top dollar for them.

The many benefits that come with implementing recommerce as part of your company’s online strategy are vast and potentially endless.

It’s a Matter of Lifespan

The fact that companies like Apple and Samsung profit from releasing new smartphones, tablets and other devices on a semi-regular basis, combined with the cut-throat competitiveness between these consumer electronics companies, has led to an increasingly short lifespan for products newly come to market.

This does not make the older models useless. Indeed, for the consumer electronics retailer, it’s exactly the opposite. The trend just means that today’s consumer culture values items that are new, and that most consumers are quick to disregard their current phones and electronic products for newer ones that offer seemingly better features.

The actual functioning lifespan of these devices – whether they’re sitting in a drawer collecting dust, being recycled, or being cashed in through reverse logistics – is years beyond those used by the initial owner.

Join the Green Revolution

Green business solutions are a must for consumer electronics companies. Today a mere 1% of consumer tablets, cell phones, laptops and other consumer electronics are being redeemed through reverse logistics. 37% are simply thrown away, and the remaining 56% are donated or sit unused in a desk drawer or closet.

The 37% of consumer gadgets that are thrown away end up in landfills, where they decompose and remain as toxic, non-biodegradable waste. Making the conscious decision to accept reverse logistics as part of your business strategy not only increases the bottom line by adding an additional income stream, but promotes a healthier atmosphere and a new, innovative way to look at consumer electronics.

Span the Globe with Sourcely 

Recommerce engages your business globally. Today’s most popular electronic devices allow retailers and consumers to make and save money in the easiest way possible—and do their part to save our environment.

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