The Hottest Social Media Tips to Boost Your Profits

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As most marketers and small business owners know, a social media presence is increasingly crucial to the success of your business.

Yet, especially among small businesses such as device repair stores, too many companies don’t take full advantage of the possibilities offered by digital giants like Facebook and Twitter. They don’t realize that a strategic approach is absolutely crucial to make social media worth the effort–which can then improve their social media presence.

The Factors of Strategy

Taking a strategic approach to any type of marketing means paying attention to more than just getting a message out. Instead, it includes;

  • identifying the ideal target audience
  • planning the best ways and times to get the message out, and
  • evaluating whether the efforts were actually successful.

Develop a Targeted Social Media Strategy

As it applies to social media, a strategic approach means identifying the perfect networks to use for your business. Facebook works for most, but LinkedIn may work better for business-to-business efforts while Instagram only works if you can offer enough visual content, and Twitter is best for short, catchy messages with many links to fresh content. In other words, the ideal network for your needs depends on your specific business.

After finding the best network for your needs, it’s time to start planning a content calendar of posts. You should refrain from only posting promotional content, which will do little to entice your target audience to follow and interact with your social media presence. Instead, sharing regular content about your industry and helpful tips related to your business (such as cell phone repair tips) turns your presence into a valuable resource for your target audience.

Posting regularly is also crucial. Facebook’s EdgeRank algorithm decides which posts users see in their news feeds, and punishes companies who don’t post at least once a week by not prioritizing their posts to the audience. The easiest way to ensure regular content is a weekly series such as a “repair tip of the week,” to stay with the previous example. This ensures that no matter what happens in your business and industry, you’ll always have relevant content for that week.

Finally, it’s important to continuously evaluate the success of your messages. Fortunately, most social media networks offer Analytics tools like Facebook Insights and Twitter Analytics that tell you exactly how well each of your posts did, along with more general statistics about the relative success of specific types of posts as well as details about your audience and the best times to post. In the beginning, you should vary the type of your content between all possible options, from video and pictures to links and regular statuses. Over time, you can estimate which types of post will perform the best, and adjust your strategy.

And that’s the keyword. By taking a strategic approach to social media marketing, you can turn it from a nuisance that has to be managed frequently into a valuable asset to grow your business. Contact us today for more tips on marketing your cell phone repair business!

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