The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly of iOS 8 for iPhone


Even if you weren’t one of the few privileged or outright crazy folks who waited in line for hours to get the new iPhone 6 or 6 Plus, you still may have downloaded Apple’s latest mobile operating system, iOS 8, to your existing iPhone.

A Mixed Bag

As with most iOS updates, this one has its successes and its drawbacks. Apple will surely release an update over the next few weeks to address whatever shortcomings or glitches still exist, but for now these little quirks are just something the fans of the latest and greatest Apple offerings will have to deal with.

The following is a short list of The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly of iOS 8:

  • The Good – Ignore the Apple haters of the world claiming that iOS hasn’t had a decent update since the app store was released several installs ago. The fact is that just about every update for iOS has been useful in the very least and downright cool on most occasions. iOS 8 is no different. A better camera, a more comprehensive spotlight feature, and more convenient texting that allows you to send replies without having to open iMessage are reasons enough to download it. That’s not to mention that there have been enhancements to the aesthetic design, virtual keyboard, iCloud, and a new dashboard to allow your health and fitness apps to talk to each other.


  • The Bad – Yes, you still have to be willing to accept some pitfalls to get those other healthy bites of Apply goodness. For starters, Siri really isn’t any better at all. In fact, I’d still rather just open up Google and type my search queries than ask Siri much of anything. Also, there are still too many useless apps that Apple’s stubbornness refuses to allow me to delete. Need examples? Passbook, Compass, and Maps to name just a few. Does anyone really need a compass on their iPhone?


  • The Ugly – Crashy, crash, crash. There have been some reports (as to be expected) of downloading iOS 8 causing the iPhone to abruptly shut off completely. There have also been incidents of the download not working the first time. This really isn’t anything new. Chances are, most of us will download iOS 8 without a problem, but the possibility of having to download more than once to get it to work does exist.

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Nima Jacob Nojoumi

Teen Entrepreneur. Former adviser @GoDaddy. Founder at House of Genius AZ @HofGAZ. Co-Founder & CEO @GetSourcely. Teamwork makes the dream work.