Why You Need to Track Consumer Electronics Trends


In the ever-changing world of consumer electronics, it can be a challenge to keep up with the latest trends. In the past year, the biggest players in the industry have brought out the Samsung Galaxy S5, the HTC One, and the iPhone 5s.

A World of Possibilities

Samsung Galaxy S5 brought higher camera functionality through selective focus, HDR (Rich Tone) capabilities, and auto-focus features. It has key features for getting in better shape, all through S Health, which is compatible with wearable devices, and can take your heart rate at the touch of your fingertip. What’s more, its security features are close to the Fort Knox of smart devices—it reduces security to the touch of your fingertip, because it’s able to recognize fingerprints.

HTC One is concerned with making sure all of your information can be transferred easily, even between manufacturers. Switching from Apple to HTC should be a breeze, then.  HTC One also wants to make sure integration into your daily life is done at full capacity, and offers extended storage plans on Dropbox.

The iPhone 5s has many of these features, too, but it is the first smartphone to come out with 64-bit processing power. Its operating system takes advantage of this full-computer functioning power.

Back to the Future

But what happens when the next wave of consumer electronics hit the market, and the next big thing is wanted by savvy consumers?  When the iPhone 6 boasting an 11 hour battery comes out?  When the Blackberry Passport comes out, with its ability to edit documents on the go?  When the next Samsung Galaxy Note 4 comes to the market, with a quad-core processor?  What will consumers do with last year’s technology?

It’s Just Smart Business

Recommerce: It’s the key to getting all those gently-used, still fully functioning devices back on the market to consumers who aren’t quite ready for the next big thing. It’s easy as pie. That Apple iPhone 5s can be traded in, the consumer gets some cash back for it, and a local storefront can earn commission in the deal.

Small businesses stand to benefit from additional traffic in-store that has the intent to trade in or trade up electronics for cash or credit. All the more reason to become known as the place to go when the urge hits to clear out the device drawer and make a new purchase.

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Justin Finkelstein

Co-Founder & CTO at Sourcely; server swiss army knife; flavor architect; the wildcard.