The Best Smartphones of 2014


A lot happened in 2014 from a consumer electronics perspective. Phablets went mainstream, the first true laptop-tablet hybrids (laplets?) emerged, and the fall of a consumer electronics giant (Nokia) occurred. But any discussion of 2014 is incomplete without considering a still-mighty force in the consumer electronics industry: the smartphone.


Can you guess what the best smartphones of 2014 were?

Samsung vs Apple

Just like any discussion of consumer electronics would be incomplete without smartphones, any discussion of smartphones would be incomplete without mentioning the industry’s two major forces: the Apple iPhone and the Samsung Galaxy S5.

  • The Galaxy S5 made its debut first in what has become an annual tradition of getting to the market ahead of Apple. Introduced in April, the S5 promised a larger screen, new water resistance, along with a better camera and processor. Reviews were generally great, though the improvements over its predecessor were only subtle.
  • In September, Apple got even – and finally joined Samsung in offering a larger screen. The hotly anticipated iPhone 6 increased its screen size from 3.9 to 4.7 inches, though it still remained smaller than its Galaxy S5 competition. Along with routine updates to the device’s camera and processor, Apple also included its ace in the hole: Apple Pay, a secure, fingerprint-based payment system.

The Dark Horses

Apple and Samsung no doubt dominated headlines in 2014, but other newly-released phones quietly offered some stiff competition to these two industry giants:

  • The LG G3, released in June, came with perhaps the best display of the year, along with a quad-core processor and MicroSD slot that bested its Apple competition.
  • The Sony Xperia Z3, entering the fray in September, surprised consumers with great battery life, as well as boasting a completely waterproof design and a PlayStation 4 integration that allows users to play PS4 games remotely.
  • The Motorola Moto G lacks the processor and network speed of its competition, but makes up for it with a reasonable price and an incredible price to performance ratio—making it the best budget phone of the year.

In short, Samsung and Apple both released worthy successors to their product line that made fans of the brands at least consider upgrading. But ignore the lesser-known phones, and you may miss some excellent new devices in their own right.

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Though phablets are becoming all the rage, smartphones are still going to play a major role in the consumer electronics industry in 2015. All the major brands will come out with new devices during the next year, at which point these fantastic phones will be traded in for the next best thing.

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