The 5 Best Features of Apple’s New iPhone 6



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The internet is abuzz. Savvy consumer electronics afficiandos wait with baited breath. It’s time for a new iPhone.

Apple releases an overhaul of its bestselling smartphone every other year in late summer, and we’re fast approaching one of those release dates. Last week, the technology company sent out an invite to a press event on September 9, which is likely to be the big announcement for its newest phone.

But why wait? Rumours abound about the best new features of the Apple iPhone 6. Here are our favorites:

1) Sapphire Screen

A crack and scratch resistant screen is among the most highly anticipated new features of the new iPhone. And rightfully so; consumers will spend a lot of money on their shiny new toys, so they’ll want to make sure they buy a durable product. Sapphire glass, currently used only in the iPhone’s camera lens, will ensure that the display stays clean and intact for longer.

2) Bigger Size

Alas, some rumors maintain that the sapphire screen will only be available in the larger models. Speaking of which: Apple is rumored to release two screen sizes; the regular iPhone 6 (with a 4.7 inch screen, which is still larger than last year’s iPhone 5s) and a larger, deluxe 5.5 inch screen. Here Apple is keeping up with the Samsung Galaxy line, which has long boasted larger screens than its iPhone counterparts.

3) Longer Battery Life

Improved battery life is the number one improvement current iPhone users would like to see. And that’s exactly what’s coming, with a larger battery clearly visible in multiple leaked designs. We hope that charging multiple times a day will finally be a thing of the past.

4) Better Camera

Conflicting rumors exist as to whether Apple will upgrade the megapixels in its phone’s camera, but they agree on one thing: Optical Image Stabilization (OIS), will likely be part at least of the larger iPhone 6. The technology will reduce blur and uneven light in pictures, making it even easier for non-professionals to snap great photographs.

5) iOS 8

We already saw Apple’s beautiful new mobile operating system on display in June, when the company introduced it to the world at its Developer’s Conference. The iPhone 6 is almost sure to be the first device to include the new operating system, which promises slicker design, more cross-app functionality and more efficient use of processing power.

Whether or not all of these features are truly a part of the new iPhone, users will flock to Apple’s newest toy in millions. And naturally they’ll be looking to trade in their old phones. Offering trade-in and upgrade options can be a great way for small businesses to engage in recommerce. Contact us to learn more about the great options recommerce offers for your business!



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