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Increase Profits With Reverse Supply Chain Logistics

Headlines may declare that the economy has improved, but speak to most small business owners and you’ll hear that we aren’t quite out of the woods yet.  These economic doldrums likely make most people wish they could recycle money like plastics or metals. Unfortunately, it’s not that easy—but it is possible to get close.

Retailers for decades have been recycling unsold merchandise, sending it back to the distributor for a refund. This allows the retailer to be more efficient, and ensures they are making money. This is important, as inventory sitting unsold is money that is removed from the economy and therefore not contributing to overall economic growth.

Recycle and Boost Profits

By utilizing an efficient reverse supply chain process it’s possible to ensure that everyone, from the customer to your business, is enjoying an economic surplus. Your business doesn’t have money tied up in unsold goods, and the customer isn’t having to pay higher prices to cover the expense incurred from unsold merchandise. What’s more, even the environment gets to see a benefit from an efficient reverse supply chain.

How? It’s simple, really. By recycling unsold merchandise back to the distributor, less product is going to waste. Manufactures can then avoid manufacturing more product than will be sold, thereby reducing greenhouse emissions. Less trucks are on the road delivering goods to the distributor, further reducing pollution, and by using data collected in reverse supply chain use, fewer trucks need to be used to deliver to stores.

Go Green to Get Green

One key industry that is dramatically affected by poor reverse supply chains is consumer electronics. Often the devices we use need to be shipped overseas after being produced in factories with lower emission standards. When the products go unsold, they provide a significant burden as they are more difficult to recycle due to their components.

At Sourcely, consumer electronics reverse supply chains are our bread and butter. We’ve become intimately familiar with the process and best green business practices to ensure that we’re able to put money back into the economy and help the environment while we’re at it. To find out how our knowledge and expertise in this industry can save you money and help the environment, contact us today.

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