Tablet Sales Have Plateaued, But Still Important

Website Wireframe Sketch And Programming Code On Digital TabletIn a recent study by Forrester Research, global tablet sales have hit a plateau: after skyrocketing in 2010-2013, tablets are seeing a decrease and slowdown in sales, even among new models.

The research suggests that new phablets (phone-tablets), such as the Galaxy Note 4, play a role in declining traditional tablet sales. According to the study, 11 percent of responders noted that their tablet was actually a phablet, and 41 percent used a smartphone that was 5 inches wide or more.

In addition, tablets are not replaced at the same rate as smartphones: more people are likely to hold on to their tablet for longer periods, in part because newer models might not have radically different features than their current tablet.

Businesses Love the Tablet

There is some positive news for the tablet industry: businesses and companies are using tablets as a critical component to their business operations. In the report, more than half of employees responded to using a tablet at least once a week for work, and 29 percent of companies are providing tablets to employees. Tablets are a supplemental component to getting work done alongside other devices, making tablets still an important and valuable trend.

This news is valuable to the phone repair industry, especially businesses who provide tablet repairs and refurbished sales. As more companies and their employees use tablets for work and productivity, those in recommerce should pay attention to tablet and phablet trends to understand this group’s needs. Targeting this market can be advantageous to repair stores looking to expand their business and services.

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