Samsung Makes its Move with the Note 4


After a relatively calm summer, the consumer electronics battle is heating up. Earlier this month, Apple announced its new line of products, which included an update to the iPhone6, the Apple Watch, and the iPhone 6+–Apple’s entry into the phablet market.

Of course, that market has been dominated for years by the Samsung Note, a phone-tablet hybrid that offers a larger screen along with phone capabilities. Apple’s entry into the market threatens Samsung’s dominance, but the Korean electronics giant is not willing to give up just yet.

Note 4’s Hot New Features

Enter the Note 4, Samsung’s latest phablet. The device will be available starting this October, but details of Apple’s biggest iPhone 6+ competitor are beginning to emerge. Here are the ones to watch for:

Screen Size and Resolution

The Note 4 offers a 5.7 screen, which–probably not coincidentally–is just a bit larger than that of the iPhone 6+. But what actually jumps out is the resolution: Samsung has gone beyond full HD, offering a 2,560 x 1,440 screen size that outperforms any current phone or tablet.

Stylus Pen

Another thing Samsung will play up in its fight against Apple is the ability to use a stylus pen. The company has played up the increased sensibility and accuracy of the pen, which fits nicely in the Note’s case. Also new is the ability to drag and drop windows, making it feel a lot more like a computer mouse than in previous versions.


A 16 megapixel camera ensures high resolution images. Like Apple, Samsung has included optical image stabilization in its newest device, which should help reduce blur and improve steadiness when taking pictures. The front-facing camera has been improved to 3.7 megapixels.


Samsung has especially emphasized improvements in its battery: an ultra power-saving mode is supposed to make the phone stay on 24 hours after it’s reached the 10% mark. At the same time, charging the phone to 50% will only take 30 minutes. The processor will be familiar to Galaxy S5 users, a 1.9ghz quad core that promises fast operation.

And the Winner Is…

Only time will tell whether the Note 4, available starting in October, or iPhone 6+ will end up leading the phablet market. But this new competitive balance ensures that phone-tablet hybrids will be a major part of consumer electronics companies, meaning that there will be plenty of recommerce opportunities for small businesses. As users decide between Samsung and Apple, they will look to trade in their old devices for the next big thing. Contact us to find out how your business can benefit from this recommerce trend.



Justin Finkelstein

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