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Improve Your Bottom Line With Recommerce

Consider this: In the hour following Steve Jobs heralding the much anticipated iPad 2, an American electronics trade-in site purchased 2,000 used first generation iPads.

That’s because recommerce is hot right now. With ever decreasing cycle lengths between new versions of its in-demand products, the recommerce of Apple’s innovative consumer electronics is a prime example of how recycling personal goods generates a crucial new facet to global commerce. What’s more, recommerce systems make leaps and bounds towards protecting the environment from bulk waste in landfills and the toxics metals and other environmentally harmful components found inside mobile phones and laptops.

It Benefits Everyone

Recommerce is set to generate profits in the economic chain of supply and demand for goods ranging from textiles to electronic devices. The concept of initial sales followed by repeated resale of an item such as a home or vehicle has now been extended to the level of personal purchases for everyday consumables such as consumer electronics.

Recommerce brings numerous benefits to the commercial ecosystem:

  • Benefit to customers: Having a robust marketplace for product holders to increase their purchasing power by selling back old products allows customers to stay current with the latest iteration of the must-have device of the moment. This ideal is especially applicable in the electronics marketplace where designs are constantly being reinvented and updated.
  • Benefit to small business: A number of aspects for generating new revenue streams come into place with recommerce. For starters, there is a need for businesses to handle the logistics of repurchasing commodities from the public. These goods then need to be refurbished and ensured they are returned to their original working condition. After reconditioning, a new supply distribution route must be found to redistribute the merchandise around the globe. One prime example is the recommerce of cellular phones from first world countries to that of developing nations whose infrastructure is not as advanced and therefore residents can still make use of less sophisticated equipment.
  • Benefit to the environment: Perhaps the greatest advantage to the ethos of recycling and reusing possessions belongs to the earth and every single creature that depends on clean water, soil, and air to sustain the fundamental components of life. As previously mentioned, many electronic devices ranging from mobile phones to personal computers are comprised of toxic metals which make up the intricate circuitry that allows them to function. If left inside a discarded iPhone or PC and left to slowly decompose in a landfill, rainwater leeching down into the trash will eventually react with these materials and cause them to infiltrate our water supply. By producing less and reusing more we minimize our impact on depleting many of our non-renewable natural resources.

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We live in exciting times and are witnessing a revolution in the basic principles that govern the manufacture and sale of commodities around the world. For further information on how you can benefit from this imaginative and novel approach to commerce, contact us at your earliest convenience.

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