Not-So-Sweet Lollipop Embitters the Smartphone Crowd


Android Lollipop users won’t have to wait until the summer for an update to their OS, as originally thought. Android announced just a couple weeks ago that the update will be released in February, far ahead of schedule. The moved up release date is largely due to complaints from customers currently operating Lollipop.

No WiFi, No Memory, No Deal

As soon as users downloaded the new operating system, the complaints began rolling in. First users complained of a drop in WiFi service. A patch was sent through that aimed at fixing the problem. Memory issues also plagued the operating system, with many users noting a huge increase in memory consumption and a drop in battery life following the download. Patches were, once again, sent out in an attempt to remedy the problems, although some users complained they only exacerbated the issue.

Current Lollipop problems appear to have delayed the release of the OS on many devices, as well. Motorola will be first with their release, although they’ve begun to drag their feet a bit, admit experts. Users who are itching for the release of Lollipop for their Motorola devices can track the status on a Motorola-sponsored web page. Other phone manufacturers are a bit more secretive about exactly when the lion’s share of their users will receive updates.

The Rollout Continues

Lollipop was rolled out in November to flagship devices, including the Nexus 7. Manufacturers running Android all have different release dates. For example, LG will be rolling out their skinned version later in January, and Samsung won’t be far behind for American customers; currently Samsung has released their version for Polish users. HTC has plans to release their update in late January or early February for all users, and Sony handset users will get their update sometime in 2015, although an official release date has not been set.

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