Mobile Online Lead Generation Strategies for Repair

battle_of_the_tabletsIf you’re in the cellphone repair business, mobile advertising just makes sense. However, though worth getting into, mobile advertising is still a relatively new playing field for most businesses.

Thankfully, however, there are a few constants that can serve as good starting points for your mobile online lead generation campaign. Once you see what works best to reach your target demographic, you can focus your campaign efforts in those places. And certain strategies seem to work well for most industries.

How to Target Your Mobile Marketing

The best way to target your mobile marketing campaigns is to use all of your options. Most mobile advertising platforms offer many specific targeting categories. It’s best to select as many options as possible, because people have very little patience for seeing ads that seem irrelevant to them on small mobile devices. In essence, a local vegan should almost never see an ad for a steak restaurant. It’s a waste of time and money.

In-App Advertising

When it comes to technology use, consumer habits are changing. In-app spending increased 60% in 2014. Many people choose to use apps when they want to accomplish something, instead of logging into a browser. They also use their mobile devices for many — if not most — of their searches

Why Avoid Banner Ads?

Experts have found that the most effective mobile ads are native ads, video ads and Facebook ads. Banner ads that aren’t related to what the user has interest in are mainly just an annoyance, so many people scroll right past them. The click-through rate for banner ads is around .35%, in fact. Whereas the click-through rate for mobile is the following:

  • Video ads is 11.8%, 
  • Facebook Newsfeed ads is 4.5%, and 
  • Native ads is 1.37%.

Interested in learning more about mobile marketing? Then contact us when you’re ready to expand your cell phone business to include a simple new revenue stream. We help retailers like you make more money every day!





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