Lower Your Monthly Verizon Bill by $10


Are you a Verizon customer? Are you tired of high phone bills?

We’ve got the scoop on how you can save some money.

Act now and discover how to lower your Verizon bill $10 a month.  Verizon is offering its customers a $10 deduction on their bill each month. That is a $120 savings per year!  If you are a Verizon customer, you have to ask for the price reduction by calling or visiting the My Verizon site. However, if you would prefer the choice of faster data speeds, Verizon is offering this as an option for the same price, instead of the $10 data plan discount.

The Spoils of Price Wars Are Sweet

There has been a price war between cell phone companies for a long time, and Verizon has been resisting lower prices for months. But they’ve given in and have decided to lower most of their data plans. Verizon will make up this loss of profits in other areas: Some heavy users, for instance, may see their data rates increase. With all of the companies fighting for business, Verizon has decided that they have no choice but to lower their prices as a way to keep their customers happy and maintain their loyalty.

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