It Bends?! Are the iPhone 7 Rumors True?


The smartphone market has gone supersonic—at least in terms of new releases. The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 + debuted just a mere four months ago, yet rumors about the iPhone 7 have already surfaced. And rumor has it that the iPhone 7 might actually include a flexible OLED display.

There have been rumors for years now that Apple might utilize flexible OLED displays, but none of those have panned out. Experts, however, argue that this time the rumors might hold some truth.

Flexibility Never Looked So Good

According to industry insiders, Foxconn, a supplier for Apple, just invested $2.6 billion in a new display factory. The deal allegedly stipulates a single “large corporation” that has “urgent requirements” for an exclusive plant. Because Foxconn has been so enmeshed with Apple, many believe the “large corporation” simply must be Apple.

A Patent Deepens the Intrigue

Apple has also submitted a patent request for “flexible electronic devices.” According to the patent filing, a rough mock-up of an iPhone is the source of the patent. While the patent itself doesn’t mean anything, coupled with the other hints, iPhone fans could be seeing a flexible screen by the time the iPhone 7 hits the market.

The desire to make a flexible screen would be timely. After all, both Samsung and LG have suggested they are working on flexible phones. Samsung is promising a phone that can be literally bent in half by the end of the year. LG, on the other hand, has been hard at work on a bendable, rubber smart phone that can bend 90 degrees.

We Suspect This Apple Is No Fool

With heavy competitors already working on flexible designs, Apple would be a fool not to get into the mix on such a new and exciting technology. In recent months, Apple has been on an upswing, finally pulling back its share of the smartphone market, much of which was lost to Samsung and other Android-enabled manufacturers. Many experts suggest the bigger screens have given Apple new life in the smartphone world, and the next logical step would be to compete with Samsung and LG on bendable screens before market share is once again lost to an innovation that Apple has yet to adopt.

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