Is Your Device Repair Store Hiring Reliable Employees?


As any small phone repair business owner knows, employees are a crucial ingredient to the company’s success. The right employees, through their competence, work ethic and demeanor, can make a significant impact on growing the company and attracting new customers. 

Employees on the other end of the spectrum, however, are major reasons for why some businesses fail.

6 Signs You’ve Got a Good Employee

As a result, hiring reliable employees is an important step for any small business. But how do you go about doing so? What should you look for when candidates for a job opening walk into your office? Here are a couple of crucial points to consider.

Competence. This is the most obvious quality – if an employee doesn’t know what they’re doing, they won’t help your business. You can test their competence by asking business and industry-related questions.

Communication skills. A buzz word among talent recruiters, but important nonetheless. No matter how competent your employees are, if they can’t communicate with their co-workers or customers, their talents are wasted. Questions about past teamwork and collaboration get to the heart of this matter.

Work Ethic. Does the candidate try to get by with the least amount of effort possible, do what’s necessary, or even go above and beyond? Often, a candidate’s references will be more helpful answering this question than the candidates themselves, though topics like their stance on overtime or work-related hobbies can touch on it as well.

Many employers are worried that their next hire is a job-hopper, only willing to stay on board until they find the next best thing. A simple look at the candidate’s resume can help inform you about their loyalty to companies.

Cultural Fit. Even the most competent, collaborative, hard-working and loyal employees may not work out if their mindset doesn’t fit the culture of your company. Their pace may be different from what you’d expect, they may not be interested in corporate social responsibility, or their general outlook on the value of customers may differ from yours. If that’s the case, they may stay for a little bit, but jump ship once a better cultural fit arises. Asking them questions about work-related values can increase the chance of a good cultural fit.

Preparation. You can tell a lot about a candidate based on how much they’ve prepared for the interview. Someone who is well-informed about your company and its products is more likely to be competent, hard-working, loyal and a good cultural fit than someone who comes in knowing little to nothing about the field he’s about to enter.

Of course, these six points are just a few of the many aspects on which you can focus when looking for reliable employees. But they offer a great start to ensure that your employees become an asset rather than a hindrance in the growth of your company.

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