Is It Time to Ditch Your Laptop?


Technology is changing at breakneck speed these days. It wasn’t too long ago that the laptop was the high-tech accessory to own. But the past few years have brought us a welter of new products, and yesterday’s laptop now seems obsolete when compared to all the shiny new phablets and tablets hitting the market.

So is the laptop obsolete? We’ve got three reasons why the answer might just be “yes.”

 1. Sales are down.

Just by scanning the reports you can tell that sales of laptops are dwindling.  Just a few years ago laptops were making desktops obsolete, and now the tablet is making those very same laptops a thing of the past.  Much like minivans in the auto industry, manufacturers are creating fewer and fewer laptop models as people turn to tablets for their needs.

2. Tablets and phones do just about everything.

It is incredible how fast technology is moving; every product seems to be lighter and faster than it was 10 minutes ago.  What most people do on the Internet can now be done right from their mobile device, and there is no reason for the average person to purchase an expensive laptop to do the exact same things. It’s no surprise then that consumer reports have shown a huge spike in the sales of tablets, as well as an improvement in consumer satisfaction for these products.

3. Technology is making the changeover possible.

It’s not just the hardware itself that is making for tough times for laptops; it is also the accessories themselves.  Almost every laptop on the market now comes with an attachable keyboard or the option to buy one, but even those are becoming obsolete before they become commonplace. The combination of projectors and Bluetooth-connected projected keyboards are turning even the smartphone into a full force computer capable of most of the same tasks as a traditional laptop.

Keep On Top of the Latest Innovations

The good news is that laptops are not quite obsolete just yet. There are still many professions which rely on larger screens and full keyboards, all of which means recommerce is alive and well in the laptop market. What to learn more about the latest technological innovations hitting the market? Then please contact us.



Justin Finkelstein

Co-Founder & CTO at Sourcely; server swiss army knife; flavor architect; the wildcard.