Improving Your Device Repair Social Media Presence Through Paid Solutions

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As we’ve discussed in previous blog posts, social media has become a crucial marketing tool for small businesses in all industries – and especially in the phone repair industry. When done right, it’s a cost-effective way to drastically increase the reach of your marketing messages, spreading the word about your services while engaging with current and future customers.

But there is a part of social media marketing that goes beyond merely building a consistent presence on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. They require more resources than its “organic” counterpart but when done right, paid advertisements can significantly improve your social media presence.

Likes vs. Posts

Generally, there are two types of social media advertisements: those that aim toward increasing the likes or followers of your account, and those that seek to promote a specific message or post. Both can be effective, but a so-called “likes campaign” only works if you have already established a well-run, vibrant social media presence. That is difficult to accomplish, so we generally recommend the alternative.

Promoting specific posts means that you can target your audience very specifically to the purpose of that post. Networks like Facebook or Twitter offer targeting options that range from demographic to interest-based and even behavioral trends, meaning a post about repairing iPhones could be specifically targeted to iPhone users in a specific geographic area that may need to repair or upgrade their phone. The more narrowly you target, the higher your chances of success.

Native vs. Sidebar

A second important distinction in social media advertising is between native and sidebar ads. When you navigate to your favorite social media network, you’ll likely see some ads on the right side of your browser or mobile device as you scroll down the news feed. But you’ll also come across so-called “native advertisements,” which are seemingly regular posts with a “sponsored” designation that appear in the middle of your news feed.

Generally, these native advertisements are much more effective, with users reading them as part of their regular social media experience instead of having to avert their eyes from their natural reading points.

The Cost

You may have been reading these paragraphs, naturally worrying about the cost associated with reaching users via paid social media advertisements. Fortunately, the cost of these solutions depends entirely on you. For example, Twitter allows advertisers to promote their Tweets for as little as $1.50 per day, while Facebook comes in slightly higher at $2 per day.

Naturally, you can increase that number to reach more users. But even spending the minimum on Facebook or Twitter means you potentially reach hundreds if not thousands of users that may not have heard about your business, but could be in need of cell phone repair.

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