Improve Your Productivity with These Smartphone Alarm Clock Hacks

iphone_buybackIn today’s world, productivity is closely related to the accessibility employees have to their work through their smartphone.

According to a recent study by theEMPLOYEEapp, 51% of employees say they are more productive when they can get to work using their mobile device. In turn, many of these employees — from small business owners to traveling businessmen and women — hack their phones into productivity tools, making it easy to stay on track and get work done throughout the day.

One of the best, yet underutilized tools for increased productivity is the use of the alarm clock.

Already built-in, your smartphone’s alarm clock can do wonders to your productivity, when you know how to hack it. Some productive features that most alarm clocks can do:

  • Sets up an alarm with voice recognition, or through Google’s search bar
  • Schedule your alarms to go off daily or weekly, so you don’t forget to turn it on
  • Set reminders and notes to your alarms (ex. 12:30pm, Lunch w/client, 4pm: Pick up dinner)
  • Turn off snooze, so you never sleep in too late

Then, there are great alarm clock apps that move beyond a typical snooze button. For example, Morning Routine (Android) makes sure you’re out of bed by forcing you to scan barcoded items around your house (cereal boxes, yogurt cups, chip bags, for example) before your alarm turns off. You can also set it up as a series of alarms to set up a routine (scan the shampoo bottle before a shower, or the coffee bean bag as a reminder to start the machine).

Time Is Money — And These Apps Won’t Let You Forget It

Then there’s Snopy (iOS), which makes you think about time and money by forcing you to buy your snoozes. Each morning, you either get up or pay up, reminding you how time really is money, especially when you have a business to run.

Your current smartphone’s alarm clock or these additional apps can make you run a more efficient business, and get tasks done on-time. For more ideas on staying ahead of the competition in the repair industry, contact us.




Matthew Roldan

Matthew is the Co-Founder & Chief Customer Officer at Sourcely. He has owned and operated several small businesses and has helped 1000's of SMB's find success online while working as a consultant for