IKEA Is Turning Furniture into Wireless Accessories

Internet of Things Concept with smart phone

What if we told you that the next big wireless accessory for your clients’ bedrooms could be their dressers? What sounds like a science fiction scenario could become true sooner than later.

The Future Is Here

Earlier this month, Swedish furniture giant IKEA unveiled a new line of its products that can act as wireless chargers for consumer electronics.

More specifically, the furniture, which could roll out in the United States as early as April this year, comes with built-in Qi wireless phone charging capabilities. To start, bedside tables, lamps and desks will be equipped with the technology.

A Delicate Yet Powerful Network

The compatibility with Qi technology is crucial. The Google Nexus 5 and 6, along with the coming Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge, can all be charged using Qi. The iPhone 6 is not yet capable, but can become compatible with several accessories available in the Apple Store and on Amazon. Older devices can be charged with USB outlets directly located in the furniture.

IKEA says it got the idea from a number of home visits, and the concept is certainly intriguing. It opens the possibility for wireless accessories that we hadn’t considered possible just a couple of years ago. But in 2015, the Internet of Things is a realistic possibility, and features like furniture that can charge your phone doesn’t sound all that futuristic anymore.

It Pays to Keep On Top of Industry Developments

According to the company, phones will have to be placed in a specific spot, marked with a “+” sign, on the furniture. That’s a minor inconvenience that may take away somewhat from the excitement of the “wireless” announcement, but we’re sure the convenience of charging your phone without needing to get a cable will make users more than willing to deal with it.

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