How WordPress Can Improve Your Repair Content Strategy

reverse_logistics_profitsWant to improve your SEO strategy? Then be a firm believer in the power of great content. But producing content that enraptures your audience is no small task. Sometimes you need help, and that is where understanding WordPress can be a big boon.

If you would like assistance creating content, but are also worried about security for your WordPress site, you have come to the right article. We’ll explain how this incredibly useful platform works.

WordPress Is a Great Way to Boost Any Web Presence

First things first, if you are not using WordPress, then this article is obviously not for you. However, consider what the book WordPress in a Week… or Less has to say about the power of this platform:

Some people might try to dismiss WordPress as just a blogging CMS that is used by Internet marketers, but you will be surprised to know that even big brands use WordPress to run their websites. These include eBay, Yahoo, Ford, Coca Cola, Sony, Samsung, PlayStation, CNN, and the New York Times.

In other words, even the big companies, with a market cap in the billions use WordPress.

Confused about how to publish on WordPress? Let’s quickly explore the five levels of WordPress.

1) Administrator- has access to all the features- the super user of WordPress.

2) Editor- Can publish posts and moderate other people’s posts.

3) Author- Can publish and edit their own posts.

4) Contributor- Can upload their own posts, but cannot publish them.

5) Subscriber- Can read posts that regular visitors cannot.

There’s certainly more to know about WordPress. Take the time to learn about this innovative publishing platform and watch your device repair store thrive.

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