How to Optimize Your Web Presence with Responsive Design

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As a professional in the consumer electronics industry, it may not surprise you to learn that internet usage throughout the United States is shifting rapidly toward mobile devices. Last year, mobile overtook desktop internet usage for the first time, and that gap is expected to widen in the near future.

Yet too many businesses still design their websites with a desktop-oriented focus, not taking into account this significant trend. If you’ve ever browsed to a desktop-optimized site on a mobile device, you know how difficult it can be to find what you want. So when it comes to optimizing your web presence for both the present and future, responsive design is absolutely crucial.

What is Responsive Design?

The key to responsive design can be found in its name: a website designed as such “responds” to the type of device used by visitors. Desktop users will see the full version, tablet users see a skimmed-down version and smartphone users see a very simplified version. All the information is still there, but adjusts dynamically to make sense for the specific screen size and resolution of each device.

The Benefits of Responsive Design

The increased usability for both user and provider is an obvious benefit of any responsive website. When mobile devices first became internet-enabled, many websites began creating mobile versions of their sites, which were just a bit easier to browse. But they were essentially stand-alone sites, needing to be updated simultaneously with any update to their parent page, and couldn’t adjust to the wide variety within the mobile and tablet sector. Responsive design, on the other hand, is simply a new feature within the site that only requires one update for every change and adjusts dynamically, no matter the device.

But the benefits go beyond increased usability. Recognizing the importance of the mobile market, search engines like Google now rank websites that are designed responsively higher than those that aren’t. Google even offers a simple test to check whether your website fulfills its criteria.

In short, responsive design is a crucial factor in optimizing your website. To learn more about opportunities to improve your device repair website for your target audience, contact us.

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