How Drip Marketing Can Boost Your Repair Profits

Marketing PositioningWhat’s drip marketing? Simply a novel way to keep your customers engaged with your product.

Even the smallest business can benefit from drip marketing. And drip marketing can take effect at any time during the sales process.

Constant Contact Makes All the Difference

Let’s say you want to generate more leads for your smartphone repair services. Lead nurturing combined with drip marketing can take the form of educating customers about your service, helping them select certain accessories, and offering them free samples or service trials.

Sounds simple, but if works. Marketing analysts reports that when brands nurture leads, they receive 50% more sale-ready customers, and those nurtured leads often make 47% larger purchases.

So what might a drip marketing campaign intended to nurture leads look like? Think welcome, onboarding, engagement, and abandoned shopping cart emails. Each time a customer engages in one of the aforementioned actions, and email can be sent to them urging them to complete the process.

Let Them Know You Care

Customers especially like welcome emails. Experian’s white paper on welcome emails show that such emails enjoy a 58.7% open rate on average, while normal emails elicit an open rate of only 14.6%. When a welcome email is sent right after a user engage with your service, the open rate increases to 88.3%!

When might you send such an email? Well, should a customer create a profile on your website to facilitate a trade in or repair, a welcome email could be sent directly after they do so.

Another type of drip marketing campaign involves engagement emails. This is an especially lucrative type of drip marketing, as the more often customers visit your site, the more likely they’ll purchase your products. Engagement emails are frequently informative, and sometimes they are used to touch base with a customer. Think of those “We Miss You” emails you’ve gotten from businesses you haven’t patronized in a while. However they present themselves, engagement emails are likely to keep your product on a customer’s radar.

We’ve only covered the basics here. To start your drip marketing campaign, begin by selecting out your customers based on where they are in the sales funnel. The plan out an effective campaign and carefully craft your message. Don’t worry; we’ll be offering tips on how to do this in the next few weeks.

Want to Really Boost Profits? Try Our Free Demo

Until then, start paying closer attention to the drip marketing emails you receive. Study them for tone and style, and determine if you’d like to follow suit. And if you’d like more information on how you can boost your repair business, contact us today for a FREE demo.



Matthew Roldan

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