How a Blog Can Get Your Smartphone Repair Store More Customers


More businesses are blogging about their products and industry than ever before. Nearly 40 percent of online marketers now use a blog for marketing purposes, while 79 percent of businesses that blog report a positive ROI on their marketing efforts. The reason is simple: a well-run blog can significantly enhance and optimize your web presence.

SEO Optimization Is Key

How does blogging help your bottom line? Blogging can have a significant impact on how customers find you in search engines like Google and Bing. You can optimize each blog on a specific keyword or phrase, increasing its chances of being found when your potential customers enter that keyword into a search engine. For cell phone repair and resell companies, those keywords may range from general (such as cell phone repair) to specific (such as what to do if your cell phone has water damage).

Beyond helping with specific keyword optimization, successful business blogs also increase the chance of being ranked higher on search engines indirectly. Google and Bing take into account how many other sites link to yours, assuming that your relevance increases the more others link to you. Blogging about helpful and relevant topics to your target audience means they’ll begin sharing your links, which in turn increases your rankings.

Finally, each update to your website sends Google and Bing a signal to re-check your pages for relevance, a process often referred to as “crawling.” A completely static page won’t ever send that signal to search engines, meaning you have little to no chance of being ranked highly. But continuous updates via new blog posts mean consistent new opportunities for search engines to re-evaluate how relevant your pages are to its users and searches.

Thought Leadership Through Blogging

But the benefits of blogging go beyond search engine optimization. By consistently blogging about industry news and providing analysis about your industry, you also position yourself as a leader in your field, which enhances your credibility among potential customers in the long run.

Most consumers in need of cell phone repair or in the market for used cell phones likely don’t exclusively rely on you; they shop around, comparing your services to those of your competitors. By establishing yourself as a thought leader in your industry, you establish trust with those users, who will then become much more likely to go through you for repair services than they were before.

In other words, blogging is absolutely essential if you want to optimize your website for today’s digital marketplace. Contact us today to see how to get started!

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