Hot Summer iPhone Tips for Your Repair Clients


Like all devices, iPhones must be kept within a certain temperature range to function properly. Temperatures that are too low or high will cause the device to change its operating behavior. For example, if you were to take an iPhone outside on a sub-zero day, you’d notice its battery life was shortened, and that it might even shut off.

An iPhone is happiest in temperatures between -4 and 113 degrees F. Anything significantly more or less will strain its operations.

Watch Out for Too Much Fun in the Sun

Summer brings added dangers. Don’t neglect an iPhone during summer fun.

If you want an iPhone to operate at peak power during the hot summer months, then avoid doing the following:

  • Leaving it in direct sunlight or a long time.
  • Leaving it in a car on a hot day.
  • Using certain power-intensive features for an extended period of time. This means GPS tracking or playing a graphics-intensive game.

There are warning signs to monitor should your iPhone happen to get too hot. You might notice the device refuses to charge, or that the display dims or goes black. If you happen to be using the device while navigating, you’ll notice it goes black yet still offers audible turn-by-turn directions. To return it to normal operations, simply press the Home button and slide to unlock. Once it’s cooled, you can use it normally.

If you’re using it as a phone and it happens to overheat, you’ll notice the cellular radios will enter a low-power state, and the signal will weaken.

And if you want to take pictures, you’ll notice that the camera flash might be temporarily disabled.

Education Fosters Trust … and More Business

Inform your customers of these facts. They’ll be happy for the knowledge, and you’ll earn their trust too. Tips like these are perfect for sharing on a blog, social media site, or in a newsletter. The more you can educate your customers about your product, the more likely they’ll come to you when they have a repair issue or need a new accessory.

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