Hairgate, the iPhone 6 and the Canadian Recommerce Market


Have you heard about “Hairgate?” Way back in October, when the iPhone 6 was still new (and causing issues), a number of customers complained about their facial hair getting stuck in the seams of the new device. A gap between the phone’s aluminum body and glass display was apparently causing the issue, prompting users to flock to social media to complain.

In the months since, while the iPhone 6 has brought in record sales numbers, the complaints died down. Some websites even tested whether #Hairgate was truly happening, and couldn’t find any evidence.

Hairgate Was Real

Until now. As Mashable reports, users are still complaining, and all culpable devices seem to come from one country: Canada. As it turns out, iPhones sold north of the border are manufactured in a different plant than those in the United States, possibly explaining the difference in the potentially painful, hair-pulling gap.

#Hairgate is a fun story—for some. It’s easy to laugh about cases in which facial hair is pulled by a phone. As a user to whom that’s happening? Not so funny. In fact, it may have caused countless consumers to look for a different device that doesn’t hurt them every time they use it.

In other words, #Hairgate likely offered great opportunity for Canadian merchants engaging in recommerce to approach unhappy users and offer them trade-in or buyback programs. The users will be glad to get some money back for their phone, while the phones themselves, considering their relative newness and upon fixing the gap, can still be sold in secondary markets for considerable profits.

#Hairgate is not the only unlikely recommerce opportunity for your business! Contact us today to learn more about recommerce and how it can help you get ahead of your competition.



Nima Jacob Nojoumi

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