Got Water Damage? 5 Ways to Save Your Smartphone


Many people consider their smartphone a beloved companion. They take it everywhere, and it does practically everything for them—from keeping track of social engagements to ordering pizza. But what happens when disaster strikes? When that much-loved phone falls into the toilet, or gets washed with a pair of favorite jeans. What to do then?

When Disaster Strikes, Take Action

We’ve got the lowdown on the smartest things to do when your smartphone finds itself waterlogged.

1) Don’t press any buttons

If your phone was just in the water for a few seconds, there is a chance the water hasn’t yet gotten to the inside components. It may be tempting to press your home button and check if the phone is still working, but doing so could let water in and permanently damage your phone. Don’t press any buttons on your phone until the next step.

2) Dry the outside

It seems too common sense to mention, but then again you may panic once your beloved phone is full of water. Instead, stay calm and dry off the phone’s exterior as well as you can. Once the outside is dry, the danger of getting more water inside the phone is removed.

3) Remove the battery

Now to the single most important step if you want any hope of saving your smartphone. We all know that water and electricity don’t mix, and taking out the battery in time may just prevent a short circuit. If you can, also take out the SIM card, which could also be damaged by water.

4) Get yourself some rice

It’s been mentioned so often that it seems like a myth, but this trick actually works. Place your phone in a bag of silica gel, such as the kind found in Bheestie Bags. If you don’t have a Bheestie Bag available, uncooked white rice works as well. Laying your phone in it and placing it in a ziplock bag to prevent air from getting to it allows the rice/gel to suck the moisture from the phone.

5) Plan for the future

Of course, depending on the extent of the water damage, all efforts may be for naught. In that case, it may be time to move on. But not all is lost! Buying a refurbished phone is a great way to save some money, and even water-damaged phones can sometimes be traded in for parts to gain even more savings. Taking advantage of recommerce efforts by merchants can be a great way of getting a new phone without breaking the bank.

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Justin Finkelstein

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