Google’s Big Day Is Almost Here


Apple has made their move. Now, it’s Google’s turn. The date October 15 has been rattling around the Internet for a few weeks now, and it’s becoming increasingly clear why. It’s looking more and more like Google has targeted that day to be the day of the next big strike against its biggest competitor in the mobile market. What exactly can we expect? Let’s see.

A Basket Full of Goodies

1) Android L

Google first revealed its new mobile operating system to app developers at the I/O conference. Features include a new 64-bit basis, along with a new notification system and a longer battery life. You can read all about its new features here, but they are enough to have Android owners excited about the update. Looks like they won’t have to wait too long!

2) Nexus 9

It was only a matter of time before a tablet optimized for gamers entered the market, and the Nexus 9 seems to be it. The device, designed by HTC, is rumored to have a 9-inch screen, along with a Nvidia Tegra K1 graphics chip that is rumored to blow other tablets out of the water.

3) Android Wear

Not surprisingly, Google is not waiting long to introduce its own competitor to the Apple Watch. Apple’s new product introduced a series of upgrades from Google’s own wearable devices, but Android Wear 2.0 should level the playing field once again.

4) Android TV

Google’s long-awaited competitor to Apple TV and Amazon’s Fire TV has once again surfaced in the rumors. Most experts don’t expect a full-on revelation of the product, but we may hear some new information on the project.

In short, Oct. 15 should see the introduction of a lot of new products that could make older versions redundant. And that’s where recommerce comes in! As a business, you can profit from big product launches and announcements by offering trade-ins and other related offers. Contact us to find out how your business can benefit from an innovative buyback program.



Justin Finkelstein

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