Device Repair Business Advice: How to Effectively Empower Your Staff

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As any device repair business owner knows, competent employees are the key to success. But competence isn’t all that matters: to help attract and service your customers in the cell phone repair industry, your employees need to be happy. And to be happy, they need to feel they have a stake in your company. So this week’s piece of small business advice is all about empowering your staff.

Involve Your Staff in Strategy

If you experience high turnover or dissatisfaction among your employees, they may not feel involved in your company enough. Especially when working for a small business like most cell phone repair companies, employees want to feel like what they say and do actually matters; for you, that may mean involving them in the planning and strategy process.

By making them feel like their opinions influence your company, their job satisfaction will almost surely improve. As a bonus, you’ll get input from sources that work directly with and provide service to your customers, meaning you’ll probably get some great ideas that you hadn’t even thought of.

Delegate Decision Making

But employee empowerment doesn’t stop at looking ahead. If you truly want your employees to feel like they matter, delegate some decision making to them. Instead of having them come to you for every little customer problem, familiarize them with your general philosophy and let them make their own decisions.

Delegating decision making can be scary, because you willingly give up control over some processes (specifically those related to your customers) that directly influence your business success. Implementing a review process in which you meet with employees to go over which of their decisions worked and which didn’t, if done objectively, can mitigate that uncertainty to a degree.

The Servant Leader

But the single most effective way to empower your employees is still to make them feel like you’re part of the team. When someone is sick, don’t be afraid to fill in the gap and help out at the counter or in the repair shop. Organize get-togethers or common lunches to make them feel like they’re part of the same group as you. Or simply let them know and make them believe that if they have a problem, they can come straight to you for fair and non-judgmental advice.

If your employees feel like they have input in the company’s direction, can make some decisions on their own and think that you’re “just” one of them, they will feel empowered — and their productivity will greatly increase, directly influencing the success of your business.

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