Improving Your Device Repair Social Media Presence Through Paid Solutions

Social media on Smartphone

As we’ve discussed in previous blog posts, social media has become a crucial marketing tool for small businesses in all industries – and especially in the phone repair industry. When done right, it’s a cost-effective way to drastically increase the reach of your marketing messages, spreading the word about your services while engaging with current and future customers. (more…)

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The Hottest Social Media Tips to Boost Your Profits

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As most marketers and small business owners know, a social media presence is increasingly crucial to the success of your business.

Yet, especially among small businesses such as device repair stores, too many companies don’t take full advantage of the possibilities offered by digital giants like Facebook and Twitter. They don’t realize that a strategic approach is absolutely crucial to make social media worth the effort–which can then improve their social media presence. (more…)

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Get Social and Watch Your Repair Store Thrive

People Connect In Social Media Network Or Business

Small business owners have many tasks to juggle. In the phone repair industry, they simultaneously market their company, manage their employees and handle the financials to ensure smooth operations. And when juggling these tasks, they often overlook a crucial part of owning a business that can impact all three: social responsibility. (more…)

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How a Blog Can Get Your Smartphone Repair Store More Customers


More businesses are blogging about their products and industry than ever before. Nearly 40 percent of online marketers now use a blog for marketing purposes, while 79 percent of businesses that blog report a positive ROI on their marketing efforts. The reason is simple: a well-run blog can significantly enhance and optimize your web presence. (more…)

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