Improve Your Productivity with These Smartphone Alarm Clock Hacks

iphone_buybackIn today’s world, productivity is closely related to the accessibility employees have to their work through their smartphone.

According to a recent study by theEMPLOYEEapp, 51% of employees say they are more productive when they can get to work using their mobile device. In turn, many of these employees — from small business owners to traveling businessmen and women — hack their phones into productivity tools, making it easy to stay on track and get work done throughout the day. (more…)

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Two Powerful Tips for Building a Repair-Oriented Marketing Strategy


The best advice for small cellphone repair businesses is to learn as much as possible, because in this world, knowledge is power. Here are two powerful tips that will keep your repair store’s online profile visible to your customers.

Keep Unoriginal Content Below 25% in Blog Posts

If you have a blog, then you may want to quote facts, figures, and statistics. This is perfectly fine, and it’s a great way to improve your credibility, as people naturally tend to trust professional sources. That being said, after Panda, a Google update which all but stopped content scraping, it is vital to remember that all blog posts are now scrutinized by Google. If you are quoting someone else in your blog, then make sure that the quote is no more than 25% of your blog post. If it is more, then Google may label you as a plagiarizer, as a person who practices black hat SEO in other words, and they may penalize your site.

Avoid Excessive Advertising

What about monetizing your blog? There are many businesses who have separate URL’s for their blog and for their main website. Because their blog is on a separate site, they have no qualms about monetizing it to the fullest, filling it with ads. The problem with this approach is that it is not good for SEO, as Google considers websites with too many ads undesirable.

This represents only the beginning of a good content and SEO strategy. Contact us if you would like more small business advice.

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Device Repair Business Advice: How to Effectively Empower Your Staff

Headshot Smile

As any device repair business owner knows, competent employees are the key to success. But competence isn’t all that matters: to help attract and service your customers in the cell phone repair industry, your employees need to be happy. And to be happy, they need to feel they have a stake in your company. So this week’s piece of small business advice is all about empowering your staff. (more…)

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3 Ways to Expand Your Smartphone Repair Business

Man Repairing Cellphone

So you’ve started your own device repair business. Congratulations! Simply by taking that step, you’ve proven brave and entrepreneurial, not afraid to jump into unknown waters to follow your dream. But what’s next? Once you’ve gotten your business up and running, where do you go? We’d love to help you figure out that important next step, so here are 5 tips to expand your small business. (more…)

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The Hottest Social Media Tips to Boost Your Profits

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As most marketers and small business owners know, a social media presence is increasingly crucial to the success of your business.

Yet, especially among small businesses such as device repair stores, too many companies don’t take full advantage of the possibilities offered by digital giants like Facebook and Twitter. They don’t realize that a strategic approach is absolutely crucial to make social media worth the effort–which can then improve their social media presence. (more…)

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