The Consumer Electronics Convergence: What You Need to Know


Rapid technology advances in consumer electronics have unearthed an interesting development in the field: the convergence of previously separate categories. The year 2014 has seen Apple enter the phablet (phone-tablet combination) market with the new iPhone 6+, while Microsoft’s Surface Pro 3 offers the first true laptop-tablet combination. These developments should matter to any small businesses dealing with consumer electronics, and could seriously influence your recommerce strategy. (more…)

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Android Lollipop to Be Released on Handsets


Android fans have been anxiously awaiting the arrival of Android Lollipop, the newest operating system from technology giant, Google. Well, the wait is getting a bit shorter for some. HTC announced that the software upgrade will be available to all Google Play handsets. Carrier-tied handsets, however, will have to wait a bit longer for their new upgrade. (more…)

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