Recommerce Makes Keeping Up with Technology Affordable


Most consumers like to stay on top of the latest technology advancements. But often they can’t see spending the money to buy something like the latest iPhone while the one they have still works and is only one or two generations behind. They spent a lot of money on the one they currently have, after all, so it seems wasteful to mothball it after only a year or two. (more…)

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iPhone 6 and 6 Plus Threaten iPad Usage


Technological innovation engenders recommerce opportunities. One need only look at the current iPad predicament to understand this longstanding truth.

In many respects, the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus are technically on par or better than the iPad. The three factors that have typically set the iPad apart are its larger size, longer battery life, and a slight performance boost over the iPhone.  (more…)

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What Do Cellular Phone Unlock Laws Mean for Recommerce?


Cellular phone unlock laws have got to be among the most confusing topics in consumer electronics these days. What are the differences between a locked and an unlocked phone? What do these stipulations mean for your current phone, and how difficult would it be to switch providers? What phones can even be unlocked?

We’ve got the answers for you here. (more…)

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Brazil’s Love Affair with Smartphones


Brazil is often associated with spicy food, traditional music and, of course, wonderful dancing. There’s another side to Brazil, though; one that has tech companies like Apple and others literally salivating. Brazil is among the top five markets for smartphones in the world, and the market is growing faster than any region outside Asia, according to The Economist. (more…)

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Can Buyback Programs Preserve Nonrenewable Resources?


When most people think about e-waste, they focus on the potential for contamination from heavy metals and other toxins found inside electronic devices. These toxins can leak into the soil and groundwater if the items aren’t properly disposed of. This, however, is just one of the problems attending the disposal of old electronics. There is also another problem: the problem of e-waste and sustainability.


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India’s Emerging E-Commerce Industry


Home to a population of over 1.2 billion people, India has long been considered a sleeping giant in the e-commerce industry. The potential target audience for Internet transactions in the second most populated country in the world is obviously huge. But at the same time, low Internet penetration rates, along with a lack of standardization in postal codes and logistics challenges in rural areas, have prevented e-commerce in India to reach its full potential. (more…)

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