Will China Dominate the Global Mobile Market?

In May 2014, Strategy Analytics published a report revealing that China would become the world’s leader in the mobile market. Indeed, the market research company based its conclusion on the prediction that the demand for 4G smartphones would be more than three times higher in China than in the United States. Approximately $83 billion are expected to be generated from corresponding mobile sales in China, compared to $60 billion in the United States. (more…)

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Brazil’s Love Affair with Smartphones


Brazil is often associated with spicy food, traditional music and, of course, wonderful dancing. There’s another side to Brazil, though; one that has tech companies like Apple and others literally salivating. Brazil is among the top five markets for smartphones in the world, and the market is growing faster than any region outside Asia, according to The Economist. (more…)

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Understanding China’s Growing Mobile Market


How does the world’s most populous country surf the Internet? In China’s growing mobile market, 467 million users now use their mobile devices to search the web, with no less than 37.2 percent of them using mobile apps to do so. The trend is in line with recent developments in the U.S., where 2014 became the first year in which mobile internet usage outpaced desktop usage.


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India’s Emerging E-Commerce Industry


Home to a population of over 1.2 billion people, India has long been considered a sleeping giant in the e-commerce industry. The potential target audience for Internet transactions in the second most populated country in the world is obviously huge. But at the same time, low Internet penetration rates, along with a lack of standardization in postal codes and logistics challenges in rural areas, have prevented e-commerce in India to reach its full potential. (more…)

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Smartphones in Emerging Markets


Smart business today means global business. That’s why we’re devoting the next week to covering the mobile industry in emerging markets. India, China, Russia, Brazil–they’re the e-commerce giants of tomorrow. We’re giving you the lowdown on these important industry players so you can stay ahead of the trend.

Americans love their technology. Every time a new smartphone hits the market there are long lines of people waiting to get their hands on it. Many of these people take advantage of trade-in programs which allow them to get a discount on the newest models. But what happens to those smartphones that get traded in? The answer may surprise you. (more…)

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