Tablet Sales Have Plateaued, But Still Important

Website Wireframe Sketch And Programming Code On Digital TabletIn a recent study by Forrester Research, global tablet sales have hit a plateau: after skyrocketing in 2010-2013, tablets are seeing a decrease and slowdown in sales, even among new models.

The research suggests that new phablets (phone-tablets), such as the Galaxy Note 4, play a role in declining traditional tablet sales. According to the study, 11 percent of responders noted that their tablet was actually a phablet, and 41 percent used a smartphone that was 5 inches wide or more. (more…)

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Hot Summer iPhone Tips for Your Repair Clients


Like all devices, iPhones must be kept within a certain temperature range to function properly. Temperatures that are too low or high will cause the device to change its operating behavior. For example, if you were to take an iPhone outside on a sub-zero day, you’d notice its battery life was shortened, and that it might even shut off. (more…)

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3 Must-Have Apple Watch Accessories

Apple Watch Starts Selling Worldwide - First Smartwatch From App

The cat is out of the bag: Apple officially released its new Apple Watch. Reviews have been mixed, with some questioning the lack of new features compared to watches from its competitors. But if the Watch is like most Apple products, it will attract a great number of customers from brand association alone.  (more…)

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How the Moto E Could Shake Up the Android Market



The Latest from Android

While heavyweights Samsung and Apple continue to exchange blows in the battle for smartphone supremacy, a plucky underdog just may steal the show in 2015. Motorola unveiled the new Moto E at the Mobile World Congress this month, and shocked its competitors. Znet even went so far as to call it “the most important Android phone of the year.” Just what has industry experts so excited?

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Hairgate, the iPhone 6 and the Canadian Recommerce Market


Have you heard about “Hairgate?” Way back in October, when the iPhone 6 was still new (and causing issues), a number of customers complained about their facial hair getting stuck in the seams of the new device. A gap between the phone’s aluminum body and glass display was apparently causing the issue, prompting users to flock to social media to complain. (more…)

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