Bling, Bling! Apple’s New Gold iPad


Get ready for the next generation of tablet styles. Reports are that the new iPad, projected to be announced this month, will include gold among its new color options.

Change Is Good

The company first introduced gold as a color option for the iPhone 5c last year. Changing the color options along with introducing new features has long been a successful sales tool for Apple, who first introduced candy-colored iMacs in 1999 after the computers had gone through a disappointing sales period.

The same seems to be happening in the iPad market. iPad sales have been declining in the recent past, with a negative growth of 9% in units and 8% in revenue in 2014, compared to 2013. The company is hoping that a change in color will also mean a change in customer attitude toward the product. The same was true for the iPhone 5c; while initial sales numbers for the gold version were disappointing, it became a fashion accessory—especially for female users.


Will It Work Again?

But will the tried-and-true concept bring success for the iPad? Unlike its phone counterpart, a tablet is more likely to be used at home and less likely to be shown off to strangers on the street. A major reason is the sheer difference in size: it’s much easier to show off with a 5-inch golden phone than a 10-inch golden iPad. Then again, if it’s worked for the iMac, why shouldn’t it for the iPad?

That’s especially true for a company like Apple, which has built an impressive cult following around its brand that is unlike any other. Industry sources are already projecting sales increases for the new iPad, though the only thing we know about it in comparison to its predecessor is the new color option.


There’s Gold to Be Had

What does Apple launching a gold iPad mean for your business? If you’re involved in recommerce, it could be a whole lot. If the early sales projections are correct, there will be an influx of consumers looking to trade in their current tablets. And considering that those projections are being made before more details of the “meaty” features of the new iPad have been released, there is a good chance they will be accurate—meaning your business will profit from implementing an innovative recommerce plan.

Now is as good a time as ever to get involved in recommerce or optimize your current strategy. Contact us today to find out more.



Justin Finkelstein

Co-Founder & CTO at Sourcely; server swiss army knife; flavor architect; the wildcard.