Blackberry Offers Big Bucks to Entice iPhone Users to Switch


Blackberry has become something of a joke in the world of smartphones. Once the king of the hill, the company has performed dismally in sales for several years. They have tried offering better devices, but their lackluster app store and lack of innovation has kept them firmly at the bottom of the smartphone pile.

But Blackberry is now changing directions and offering iPhone users cold hard cash to switch over. 

Will a Flash of Green Change Their Minds?

Beginning December 1, the company started offering iPhone users up to $550 if they bought a Blackberry. The program offers $400 in credit, plus a $150 Visa gift card for users of the iPhone 6. They are also accepting trade-ins for the iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, and iPhone 5S. The promotion will end on February 14, 2015.

The promotion is exclusive to the Blackberry Passport, an oddly-shaped phone with a small, cramped physical keyboard. Rumor has it that a similar promotion might be in the pipeline for Android devices, but Blackberry has yet to speak on that issue.

While it might be an enticing offer, it’s unlikely to draw the customer base that Blackberry would need to rebound from their previous failures. Microsoft attempted a similar deal when they began releasing a slew of Windows phones. The company offered up to $350 on iPhone trade-ins. The promotion failed pretty spectacularly there, too.

A Blackberry Comeback?

Experts seem to agree that this promotion is unlikely to do much for the company. iPhone users, many of whom are former Blackberry users, have switched for a good reason. iPhones (and Android devices) simply offer more to the user. The platforms, the app store, and the ease of use have effectively drawn consumers away from Blackberry, and very few of them are looking back.

What do you think of the latest promotion from Blackberry? Can they come back from the (almost) dead? Tell us your thoughts by contacting us.

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