Tablet Sales Have Plateaued, But Still Important

Website Wireframe Sketch And Programming Code On Digital TabletIn a recent study by Forrester Research, global tablet sales have hit a plateau: after skyrocketing in 2010-2013, tablets are seeing a decrease and slowdown in sales, even among new models.

The research suggests that new phablets (phone-tablets), such as the Galaxy Note 4, play a role in declining traditional tablet sales. According to the study, 11 percent of responders noted that their tablet was actually a phablet, and 41 percent used a smartphone that was 5 inches wide or more. (more…)

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Maximize Your Repair Leads

phonevirusMany network marketers strictly focus on the amount of leads that you have. They feel that the more leads that you have, the more sales that you are likely to have. You can also present more people with your great business opportunity. Many people struggle to get leads and they look for any opportunity to get more leads. (more…)

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Apple Fans Watch Out for KeyRaider

IPhonesWatch out Apple fans!

Security specialist Palo Alto Networks released a report on Sunday detailing a new form of iOS malware. This new demon is called “KeyRaider,” and it’s responsible for stealing the account information from over 225,000 Apple customers. Its specific target is jailbroken iOS devices, so if you haven’t made this change, you’re OK. (more…)

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Check Out This Awesome Write-Up in the Phoenix Business Journal

Francine Hardaway wrote a fantastic article on us for the Phoenix Business Journal. Here’s an excerpt:


Arizona, we’ve got another good one coming up! Another good startup, that is.

Sourcely is about to hit the radar screen of the entrepreneurial community. A business to business “recommerce” site, it has been growing quietly through bootstrapping, but it is now ready to talk about itself.

There have always been startups that grow in stealth mode, but sooner or later they have to surface either to get customers or to get funding. The best of them are often started by people who leave their corporate jobs because they have a big idea. Nima Jacob Nojoumi, a former GoDaddyite and his two co-founders fit that profile: entrepreneurs who have worked for a corporation, learned something about product development, sales and numbers, and left to realize their dreams.

You can read the rest here:

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Think Big When Marketing Your Repair Services

best_phones_of_2014Think outside the box when marketing your cellphone repair services and you’ll reap big profits.

That’s right. The Internet is a great place to advertise your services, but don’t forget the “real world.” A well-designed website is helpful, but so are professional business cards and making contacts within your local community. (more…)

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