Announcing Our New Mobile Version of Sourcely’s Platform!

We’re happy to announce a new mobile version of the customer buyback website, Flatline Repair, which makes it even easier and more convenient for customers to sell their used mobile devices. One of Flatline Repair’s new mobile features, which is also available platform wide, is a free funnel add-on that’s automatically deployed!

As always, you can expect that Sourcely is 110% committed to our customers’ success! We want you to invest in your business by investing in us. The money Sourcely generates through sales is used to create better tools and services for our clients! Our philosophy is: happy clients make for a successful business, so that’s why we put our clients first.

And don’t forget – using Sourcely’s trade-in and buyback platform saves your business thousands of dollars in the long run!

Check out the new mobile version here (on your phone or tablet) and let us know what you think. We love client feedback and are always looking for new ways to improve our products.

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4 Ways to Market Your Repair Business for Under $100

Market Business Global Business Marketing Commerce Concept

Marketing can be expensive — but it doesn’t have to be.

That’s right; you can market your smartphone repair business for under $100. How? By being savvy about where to expend your energy.

Maximize Your Marketing Dollar with These Tips

We’ve got 4 ways you can maximize your marketing dollar.

  1. Get to know your market. Take the time to get to know your ideal buyers. And then focus your marketing efforts on them. This means honing your marketing messages to attract customers to your store. Creating a semi-customized mobile version of your website on a site like Duda can be done in no time at all, and for only a couple bucks a month.
  2. Make your website lightning fast. Make sure your customers can quickly and easily access the information needed to convert them from browser to buyer.
  3. Be social — and smart. This will cost you about $41-71 per month. Invest about $41 in sponsored posts on Facebook or LinkedIn and you can put your product and services in front of thousands of people each month. The most modest investment in social marketing can produce hundreds of new followers, as well as increased web traffic, profits, and brand awareness among your target demographic.
  4. Cooperate and network. This one costs nothing. Establish informal partnerships with other businesses to cross-promote your products. You’ll be able to build brand awareness and grow your organization more quickly than you otherwise would.

Try these four marketing tips and you’ll be well on the way to growing your repair business.

Marketing is really about knowing what to spend money on and what not to — and, as we’ve discovered, a lot can be accomplished for free.

Are you ready to take your repair business to the next level? Then contact us today.

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Improve Your Productivity with These Smartphone Alarm Clock Hacks

iphone_buybackIn today’s world, productivity is closely related to the accessibility employees have to their work through their smartphone.

According to a recent study by theEMPLOYEEapp, 51% of employees say they are more productive when they can get to work using their mobile device. In turn, many of these employees — from small business owners to traveling businessmen and women — hack their phones into productivity tools, making it easy to stay on track and get work done throughout the day. (more…)

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