Ask Sourcely: How Do I Fix Display Issues on the iPhone 5s?


Fixing display problems on the iPhone 5s can cause headaches. That’s why we’re covering the most common problems customers experience – and the easiest ways to fix them.

Got a Display Problem? We’ve Got a Solution

Read on for common display problems and how you can fix them.

Problem: Phone boots past Apple logo, but then goes into “Nand” error.

Causes and Solutions: 99% of such problems are caused by not disconnecting the battery on the iPhone 5s before removing the screen.

Other possible causes are:

Faulty display assembly or damage to the logic board. Reinstall original display assembly and see if problem still exists.

Can also be caused by faulty or damaged front-facing camera cable.

Problem: Proximity sensor not dimming the screen during a call.

Causes and Solutions: Check that the ambient light sensor gasket and filter are installed.

Check the front-facing camera/accessory flex cable for damage.

Ensure the front-facing camera/accessory flex cable is properly seated.

Remove the screen protector and re-test.

Check to see if the proximity sensor or ambient light sensor has been torn from the cable (the ambient light sensor and proximity sensor work together; if one is not working the other will not work either).

Replace the front-facing camera/accessory flex cable.

Problem: Blocks and/or lines are displayed across the LCD.

Causes and Solutions: This is caused by kinks or bends in the LCD flex cable. Make sure the cable is not bent or damaged.

Re-check that the LCD flex cable is fully seated.

Clean the logic board LCD and digitizer connectors with a fiberglass scratch brush pen.

Problem: After the repair the LCD will not light up.

Causes and Solutions: If you forgot to disconnect the battery and accidentally powered on the iPhone during the repair, the iOS can get stuck thinking the display is powered on. To fix this, just disconnect the battery and then reconnect. The display should return.

Recheck that the LCD flex cable is fully seated.

Inspect for a rip or tear in the LCD flex cable.

Problem: After repair only getting a blue, red or green screen.

Causes and Solutions: Remove the front facing camera cable and retest. If it goes back to normal the front facing camera cable is damaged.

Still got a blue screen?

Remove EMI shield and screws and then reboot.

If the problem goes away, you may have a screw in an incorrect place or you may have overtightened a screw.

Check to see if screws are in the correct order.

If problem persists, disconnect the front camera and reboot.

Didn’t work? Then reseat rear camera connection and reboot.

Did the problem go away? Then replace the front camera flex.

Still got a problem? Then replace rear camera.

If problem still persists, despite checking and replacing everything you can – just replace the phone.

Want to attempt a DFU? (This should be used as a last resort.)

Disconnect the battery and reconnect the battery, DO NOT power on the device.

Hold the home button and connect the USB cable to the phone while holding the home button.

Wait until iTunes detects a device in recovery mode then release the home button.

Problem: After making the repair you’re only getting a blank screen with backlight on.

Causes and Solutions: Disconnect the rear camera and the power flex cables. Lift the black cardboard around the connectors.

Look at the photo to see if any of the LCD filters are missing.

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