Are You Generating Enough Leads Through Online Marketing?


Gone are the days of simply pushing a marketing message for your small device repair business online and hoping for success. In the age of inbound marketing, your digital efforts should be tailored toward online lead generation – getting potential customers to sign up on your website and receive more information.

It’s becoming an increasingly important concept in the phone repair industry as well, where small and medium-sized businesses are embracing the cost-effectiveness and targeted nature of inbound marketing methods. And one of the most effective ways to increase your online lead generation is email marketing. 

Competing with options like social media and search engine optimization email marketing may not seem like the most exciting digital marketing tool. But it remains reliable: according to a recent survey, emails remain both the most effective and least difficult online marketing tactic. But how do you use email marketing specifically for generating online leads? By keeping two things in mind:

1) Singular Focus

Simply speaking, each marketing email should seek to accomplish a single, measurable goal. If you use your email for inbound marketing purposes (as a way to get users to sign up on a form on your website), that goal should be directly connected to a single form. It’s tempting for marketers to link to multiple possibilities, giving their audience choices. But always remember that your recipients’ attention ratio should be singular: as soon as they get more than one option, they’ll become more likely to take no action at all.

A singular focus means that every link and a prominent call to action button should link to a single landing page or form on your website. Doing so also increases measurability, as it’s much easier to see at a glance whether an email about your new phone trade-in program was successful if all clicks definitely lead to the same place.

2) Benefit Emphasis

But even with a singular focus, how do you ensure that your audience actually clicks from an email to your website? By emphasizing benefits over features. It’s an eternal marketing truth that holds true in the phone industry as well as email marketing: your potential customers don’t want to hear about the great aspects of your cell repair service. Instead, they want to hear specifically how those aspects can benefit them, and help them solve their problems.

Emphasizing benefits over features, don’t be afraid to use testimonials of past customer experiences in your inbound-focused email. Alternatively, a story about the importance of a well-functioning phone can be successful, just like an emphasis on the value of getting money back for an old phone. You can mention specifics on how your business is uniquely qualified for these benefits, but always link it back to solving a customer’s problem.

Of course, that’s just a cursory introduction to using lead-generating emails for your phone repair business. For more information on the benefits of inbound marketing, don’t hesitate to contact us! And if you’re a current client with a question, check out our FAQ.

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