Apple to Settle Android Lawsuits


It looks like a truce is about to happen in the endless fight for dominance between consumer electronics giants Apple and Android. Gigaom reports that a federal judge has granted the request to stay a series of patent lawsuits waged against Google by Apple, with a final settlement expected to be reached December 29, 2014.

That’s great news — for all parties involved.

Efforts Refocused

Apple and Google can now focus their efforts on continuing to put out new devices and software, perhaps working to regain ground on the new tablet-laptop (tabtop?) market established and dominated by Microsoft.

Consumers no longer have to worry about dominance by one company or the other in the smart phone market. A monopoly was never truly in play, but healthy competition between the two major consumer electronics players ultimately suggests better devices, lower device costs (especially now that consumers don’t have to indirectly pay for the costs of the law suit) and greater innovation.

A Verdict That’s Great for Small Businesses Too

Which brings us to small businesses, whose buyback programs should also receive a boost in the long run. While the effects will likely not be felt immediately, a successful lawsuit would have threatened to derail Android’s efforts to keep up with (and perhaps even surpass) the iPhone and iPads of its greatest competitor. Without such strong competition, what incentive would Apple have to keep innovating? And without continuous innovation, what incentive would consumers have to upgrade their phones?

Competition Keeps Markets Healthy

We’re not suggesting that the lawsuit is the only thing that keeps people rushing to the store every time a new Samsung Galaxy or iPhone hits the market. But we can’t deny the value of having two such strong companies at the top of the food chain, competing for every consumer dollar. Contact us today to see if your buyback program could use some sprucing up!



Justin Finkelstein

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