Apple SIM for iPad Revolutionizes Mobile Data Plans


Earlier this month, Apple made big announcements about some exciting new products, including a new gold version of its iPad. The most exciting part of this news didn’t concern the color of the device, the thinness of the screen, or the resolution, however—it concerned the launch of the new Apple SIM, which went unmentioned at the keynote, but was quietly included in Apple’s recent promotional material.

Apple SIM will allow users to easily switch between carriers without needing to switch SIM cards. These new SIM cards are shipping out with the iPad Air 2, but there’s no news yet on whether they’ll be used in the next version of the iPhone.

Freedom Is Only an Apple SIM Away

In the United States, current SIM cards are locked to one carrier–this means that in order for users to switch data plans between companies, they have to switch out the SIM card as well. With Apple SIM, users will be able to switch to a different carrier just by making a selection in a dialog box. This follows suit with the recent trend of contract-less data plans, currently spearheaded by companies like T-Mobile, which encourage users to avoid contracts and purchase temporary data plans.

Currently, only T-Mobile, AT&T, and Sprint are offering plans compatible with the new Apple SIM–Verizon has yet to join in. Apple SIM threatens the current contractual model of most data plans available for consumer electronics, but carriers hope that it will encourage iPad owners to try out mobile data when Wi-Fi isn’t available.

What Does Apple SIM Mean for Recommerce?

This new feature opens many doors for various recommerce opportunities. By making it easy to switch between carriers, the iPad Air 2 gives consumers and businesses versatility that isn’t available with older models. You can expect that many users will be making the switch to Apple SIM compatible devices as more models are released. This also betokens a wealth of opportunity in the future of recommercel: if Apple SIM and other non-carrier-specific SIM cards become the new trend, devices can be sold for any company regardless of which plan the consumer holds. This removes many difficult recommerce restrictions that businesses currently face.

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Justin Finkelstein

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