Apple Quiets Rumors with Patented iPhone Drop Protection


There seems to be two types of people in this world, the Apples and the Androids.  Both have their advantages and disadvantages, and both will tell you that their hardware is far superior.  Apple took a big hit recently when a design flaw caused the new iPhone 6+ to bend in people’s pockets.  Competitors jumped on that and could not wait to exploit the flaw in their advertising.  While companies like Samsung may have been laughing then, they may change their tune when they see Apple’s newest patent. 

Will Cracked Screens Be a Thing of the Past?

According to the patent recently approved by the U.S. Patent Office, Apple has created technology that will actually reorient an iPhone during a free fall.  This new technology will sense its impending doom, and after assessing the safest way for the device to land, it will shift to be in that position.  Included in the patent are more outlandish ideas like ejection devices for cables and retractable air foils, but for now the goals are slightly more realistic.

The idea is to use existing tech, namely the vibration motor, in order to change the angle of the fall.  The idea is an exciting one but it is not likely that you are going to see this technology in the 6s given that the iPhone 6 switched out the vibration motor for haptic feedback technology—not to mention that it would require many more sensors—both sensors already in use and ones which have yet to be introduced—to make this idea a reality.

Look Who’s Laughing Now

Technology like this could make those Samsung lovers change their tune when talking about Apple’s technology being two years behind.  Broken phones due to drops is still one of the number one complaints about smartphones of all types, and this idea has the potential to at least reduce the amount and frequency of damage due to drops.  It is highly unlikely that we will see this technology any time soon, but given that this technology could literally change the landscape of smartphone sales, it would not be surprising if Apple tried to rush this tech into the iPhone 7.  At the very least we will be treated to a leaked prototype video shortly before the release to the next new iPhone roll out.

One thing that is for sure is that when this technology rolls out it will be a huge time for recommerce.  So many people clamoring for the new “indestructible” iPhone will leave plenty of barely used phones up for grabs.  For more information on the benefits of recommerce please contact us.



Justin Finkelstein

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