Android Lollipop to Be Released on Handsets


Android fans have been anxiously awaiting the arrival of Android Lollipop, the newest operating system from technology giant, Google. Well, the wait is getting a bit shorter for some. HTC announced that the software upgrade will be available to all Google Play handsets. Carrier-tied handsets, however, will have to wait a bit longer for their new upgrade.

A New Beginning

Lollipop is a complete overhaul of the Android OS, according to sources. While Lollipop won’t be as extreme as the iOS upgrade that Apple users saw a couple years back, it does completely redesign Android and polish the look of the system a bit. Actually, according to those who have used the Lollipop system already, it’s aesthetically closer to Apple than ever before, but the functionality of Android that users love remains unhindered.

Lollipop creates a cleaner, more user-centric experience, according to reviewers. The application menus have been cleaned up, and polished to perfection. Additionally, the update will allow apps to interact and connect with each other more easily. For example, users will see more integration between their contacts, their Gmail account and their Hangouts inbox. Users can also expect a cleaner notification system, and an easier way to create distinct notifications for different accounts and situations. Additionally, users can expect greater speeds and easier maneuvering across the platform.

Can’t Enjoy the Silence?

While Lollipop looks fairly pristine, it isn’t without its problems. Early testers have noticed that “Silent mode” is strangely absent from their handsets. Silent mode, as most know, is a mode that allows users to quiet all alerts and notifications on their handsets with just one button. You can turn silent mode on and off as necessary. The missing silent mode, has angered some users, who are begging Android to fix the oversight or quickly add it back with a patch.

Android updates are a bit different than that of the iOS. Google gives out the new software, but the handset companies take some time to put their own skin on the operating system, so each manufacturer has a different release date for the new operating system.

It’s Coming. Are You Ready?

Android Lollipop is available on current Nexus phones and an upgrade is available for previous incarnations now. Moto X and Moto G users already are enjoying certain upgrades. Samsung users will have to wait a bit longer, while HTC users can expect to get an update in February. Nokia users don’t yet have a hard date for their system upgrade.

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