Android Is Going to Do What to Your Car?


The war between Google’s Android and Apple continues to rage.

The next battlefield: your car.

According to Reuters, Google is in the process of creating a new generation of its operating system that can be built directly into cars. The announcement follows Apple’s for a very similar project last year.

Come On, Baby! Ignite My Wireless Options

Successful integration would mean no more linking up your smartphone and having to rely on BlueTooth for a reliable connection. Instead, as soon as you turn on your ignition, you would have access to Android’s vast entertainment, streaming, and GPS navigation options. Third-party streaming apps such as Spotify and iHeartRadio will be easily accessible, while an option to read texts and emails should help increase driver safety.

Called “Android Auto,” the system would be directly connected to other Android devices so that you can listen to music, watch movies, or navigate through routes that have previously been saved on your smartphone. Among the carmakers signing onto this experiment already are Audi, General Motors, Honda, Hyundai and Volvo, all of which could roll out vehicles equipped with the new software as early as this year.

Get Ready for the Trade-In Tsunami

At first glance, an entirely new function for Google’s Android would do little to affect buyback efforts. But dig a little deeper, and the effects become more pronounced. Direct car integration will presumably necessitate the latest operating system updates, which can only run on newer devices. Consumers who find themselves in need of a new car, but are still using an original Samsung Galaxy, will look to upgrade their phones to take full advantage of their car’s new functionality.

In short, Android Auto is an interesting marketing development that’s certainly worth keeping an eye on. Contact us today for more information about how consumer electronics news can affect your trade-in program!



Justin Finkelstein

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