Android 5.0 Lollipop’s Sweet New Features

Since its big update last month, Google has remained suspiciously quiet on the Android front. And though the company itself has yet to release new information about any of its products, recent reports indicate that behind the scenes the wheels are rolling. According to these reports, the next few months will bring the highly anticipated Android 5.0 Lollipop, along with significant changes included within the firmware.

Five Delicious New Features

Once the newest generation of Android phones and phablets update to the new firmware, users can expect both major and minor changes in almost all aspects of their phone. Small changes include:

  • an updated, thinner and wider font
  • new icons and theme colors
  • details such as an updated brightness slider

But there’s even more to Lollipop. The update also includes:

  • a fingerprint lock screen akin to that of the Galaxy Note 4
  • an updated and graphically improved UI on all devices.

Search functions have also become a major focus; the recent menu now includes a Google search bar, while contacts are more easily found with a new search box. Meanwhile, photographers and lovers of organization will appreciate the new ‘sort’ feature in the gallery: media content can be sorted using new filters such as “Pets,” “Events,” “Scenery,” “Documents,” “Food,” “Vehicles,” and “Flowers.”

The Implications for Recommerce?

According to the reports, Android users can expect these changes on the Lollipop update within the next few months. And that’s when the implications for your recommerce efforts kick in. Don’t allow new firmware to become a potential problem.

By giving new functionality to older devices, users might be disinclined to buy a new device and trade in their old one. However, this update gives you a perfect opportunity to promote the benefits of recommerce — from sustainability and environmental friendliness to the more obvious financial benefits, a smart buyback program makes sense both for consumers and businesses. It’s all about looking at a potential problem as a recommerce opportunity. Contact us today to see how you can reap big profits once Lollipop arrives!



Nima Jacob Nojoumi

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