A Few Words on the Latest Apple Scandal


Are you up-to-date on the latest Apple news? If not, we’ll fill you in. In a recent Apple lawsuit, the technology giant has been found guilty of withholding text messages from customers who have chosen to make the switch from their iPhone to another smart phone.  As it turns out, if specific deactivation procedures are not followed, customers who choose to switch from an iPhone to another device will not receive messages from other Apple users.

How Did It All Happen?

This case originates from California, where Adrienne Moore chose to swap her iPhone 4 for a Samsung S5.  After a while, she began to notice a curious pattern in the texts that she was not receiving: each of them had been sent from an iPhone user.  Upon consulting an Apple representative, the problem was dismissed as an error arising out of the iPhone users’ failure to upgrade their iOS software.  Naturally, however, this was not the true root of the problem.

As it turns out, this flaw occurs in cases where iPhone users keep their number when they switch to another smartphone.  These numbers are still registered to the iPhone’s iMessage account, to which all texts from other iPhones are forwarded, unless manually turned off by the user.  Unclear guidelines have stipulated that in order to prevent this error, the customer must transfer the SIM card from their new phone to their iPhone, log into it one last time, and manually turn off iMessage.  This can be achieved by accessing Settings, selecting the Messages sub-menu, and switching it off.

If this sounds complicated to you, you are not alone.  In this case, Judge Lucy Koh ruled Apple as guilty of unfair competition.  While Apple continues to argue that the explanation on their website is enough information for the average user, they are in the process of making the transition simpler.

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